Andrew Nixon RCMP Leaked – RCMP Leaked Group Chat Text Updates

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Andrew Nixon RCMP Leaked – RCMP presently in Ottawa to aid the crackdown on tranquil dissidents supposedly boast about involving fierce power in a spilled bunch talk.

In what seems, by all accounts, to be legitimate screen captures of the RCMP Musical Ride group as of now in Ottawa to aid the crackdown on quiet dissenters in the capital city, individuals gloat about utilizing fierce power.

Throughout the most recent 24 hours in Ottawa, police have conveyed pepper splash and canisters on demonstrators captured handfuls, and stomped on two individuals with ponies.

An RCMP named Marca Corsi, messaging with Nixon said the one who was run over by an RCMP on a pony.

Obviously, they think the pony stumbled on the lady’s walker. They don’t think the older lady who was stomped on tossed a bicycle at the pony as the police initially said. In any case, it’s more terrible than that.

There are more texts on a piece commending a mean texter named RCMP Scott Peever, there are two of the texts beneath. Peever set up a post with regards to the RCMP and he incorporated a pleasant letter from somebody who was saying thanks to and commending him, yet the texts were added to his post.

On Saturday, Rebel News delivered a few screens captures of Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) instant messages that show individuals boasting about their severe utilization of power as specialists crackdown on serene dissidents in Ottawa.

Throughout the most recent 48 hours in Ottawa, Trudeau’s police have been powerfully clearing the driver’s caravan out of the city.

As a feature of their endeavors, they have utilized clubs, poisonous gas, and pepper shower; crushed windows to eliminate individuals from their vehicles, and, surprisingly, sent in the ponies, which mercilessly stomped on two individuals.