Roger Segal Obituary – Mother of Man fatally Stabbed at South Philadelphia Wawa

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Roger Segal Obituary – Authorities have recognized the 49-year-elderly person who was seen as cut absurdly in a Wawa parking area in South Philadelphia as Roger Segal. Police say he was tracked down dead on the 1600 square of Christopher Columbus Boulevard early Monday morning.

There are as yet many inquiries encompassing this crime. Was the casualty in an unlucky spot? Or on the other hand was this a designated assault? As regulation authorization examines, friends and family are grieving this silly misfortune.

Associates are stirred up over the brutal passing of their dear companion Segal. Depicted as “astonishing,” companions from the Wooly Mammoth Sports Bar people group are taking Tuesday and Wednesday off as they honor his memory.

The proprietor tells CBS3 Segal worked the day shift on Sunday, stayed close by to watch the Super Bowl, then, at that point, apparently halted at the South Philly Wawa on Christopher Columbus Boulevard around 4 a.m. Monday. Sadly, the 49-year-old never made it home on Valentine’s Day morning.

Police say he was found inside a dark vehicle around 5 a.m. The back window broke, and him inside – cut in the stomach.

Segal was an immense Eagles fan and had gained notoriety for giving chuckling and pleasure to everyone around him. His partners are left with overpowering trouble and outrage.

Sources let Action News on Tuesday know that the man observed dead in a vehicle outside a South Philadelphia Wawa was wounded before he entered the store.

As indicated by sources, Roger B. Segal, 49, went into the Wawa on the 1600 square of S. Christopher Columbus Boulevard at around 2 a.m. Monday to arrange a sandwich. He then, at that point, purportedly told a safety officer he was cold and needed to stand by in his vehicle.